Ingrid Ohayon
Peintre - Céramiste
-  Paris, France

Tél. fixe: +33(0)1 45 65 13 18,  Portable +33(0)6 65 15 69 54   -   Cotation Drouot

  Painting with stonwaare emals   

When viewing my ceramics pieces, you may be unaware of the difficulty and technical aspects of my work.
Here is how I develop my pieces. Having created a precise drawing, I transfer it onto plate of stoneware clay, which I prepare two or three weeks beforehand.  I then apply my colours by hand. I create my colours with a mixture of several ingredients which are able to resist to a heat of 1280°C, such as different kinds of colouring agents, oxides, pigments, aluminum and silica oxides, various powdered minerals, metal oxides, and so on.
The first firing goes up to 960°C. Then I add different stoware enemels on top and prodede at a second firing going up to 1280°C.
Due to various chemical reactions occurring during a firing at very high temperature, and the variety of ingredients, which I use, this second firing seldom makes me happy. This is because the enamels often introduce too many imperfections and the colour of a glaze may be significantly different after firing. It can also create small holes and unwanted projections of the enamel. To perfect the result, I correct each defect by smoothing the enamel’s projections with a diamondhead lime and cover some areas with additional enamel glazes
Then I undertake a third firing at 1280°C for the final glazing. Some pieces will even need a fourth firing.
That is why the whole process can last up to 6 weeks.
Of course, I could avoid all these technical difficulties and simply make a canvass painting. However, I consider that my efforts are worth the trouble as I am able to create changeless objects which will survive indoors or outdoors, impervious from fire, frost, sun and humidity.
The only drawback is that they can still be vulnerable to physical shocks , but nothing is perfect in this world…